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Everyone that came from the 90’s has a lot to share to the kids of today. If the children of today are accustomed to downloading images through their tablet for their art projects, youngsters from before were more on taking things the hard way, like having to cut magazine strips and images to paste them on thick oslo paper. But hey, for me, it worked, cutting out those sexy Pent girls and sticking them on my hidden wall for a nightly jizz. So intense. Thanks to innovation, though, all it takes is a click to open and close something so “personal.” A perfect example for that matter would be and were doing a review on it today!

Pent House is actually a magazine company that produces the best and the sexiest issues in America. Well, it’s just like how everyone goes in the industry, claiming to be the best. But anyways, it’s an excellent magazine just as Playboy Mag was. They exhibit some of the hottest models who are all behind the success and the reputation they hold to this day. While the hard copies were simply censored for obvious reasons, this new website takes all the censorship away, drawing the subscribers into an all new level of sexy and seduction. Their videos range from strip teasing to full scale sessions. Once you’re in their lair, you will have new things to expect by the week, surprises that will leave you awed by the day. is a massive porn site just as its hard copy issues were intense. But this time, they have no reservations, culminating all of their successfully grown creations newly conceived products to flaunt something of the extraordinaire. For one thing, there are over 3100 plus videos to watch with each video not going less than 20 minutes each. There are also 4500 photo galleries to check out, containing at least 100 pictures each. While the quality of the videos are HD and the photos definitely crisp and rich, they are all downloadable, which means you can take your show wherever you want.

A subscription to the discount takes around $9.99 a month. With that being said, it is worth every man’s patronage as it exudes with an aura that of the legit magazine ages in an all new light. Enigmatically sexy. A must have for prurient entertainment.