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ZTOD has absolutely impressive numbers when you just check out the amount of content that they posses. With a full list of over 2,600 pornstars, you are going to find lots of babes and stars you know and love. That also means that they have hundreds of movies that are all very nicely produced since the site stands for “zero tolerance on demand” meaning they have zero tolerance for low quality porn production and have only what we would call wonderful hardcore productions. The big names that they have take part in HD and high res productions. The stars are able to satisfy their needs for hot hardcore sex sessions and you are able to satisfy your need for watching this kind of material.


The movies that they have been able to collect so far number around 7000+ with a good number being exclusive productions only to be discovered inside this site. They have images as well, around 3500+ picture sets. The movies have high definition quality of 1080p the best kind of quality that is being used in the market. Streaming or downloading the movies is something you will do all the time inside this site. They have windows media, flv, xivd, file formats. One very impressive thing is that for the better part of 8 years these guys have been pumping daily updates out of their site. That’s the kind of consistent dedication that tells us we are dealing with a whole new caliber of producer.

When you are inside the ZTOD discount site, you will find the tabs sites/scenes/DVDs/niches/pornstars/favorites/account. These tabs help you surf in relevant ease and comfort as they take you to different sections of the site. There is more information inside, including info about the titles, performers, filters you can use for sorting the content and so on. The search box and the menus also do their part and handle your queries with fast responses and the general browsing/sorting navigational tools all do their jobs rather well.

Since the last time we were inside this site, they have literally tripled the amount of material that they have on offer. One thing that keeps us smiling is the creatively named titles of the movies that they present. The titles display a sense of humor and hint at some impressive hardcore sex sessions and performances to be seen inside. Third Degree Movies/ Black Ice Pass are bonus sites included in your membership.

The categories and niches you get here are all over the place. They have hardcore niches in 21 different types of categories so you are receiving a nice variety. We could see that they also have many teens, amateurs, plus new girls who are really talented in the art of sucking and cumming on cocks. You will have zip file available so that you can download easily. They have formats for mobile device users, so downloading the movies to your Smartphone is easy. The steady-production-pace they are maintaining helps to put them a little bit ahead of the other non-impressive pornsites, and that is what we all want really, something just a little bit more special. We recommend that you get your membership to ZTOD renewed now, or if you a new member get that membership deal now!


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WowPorn universe is one place that any lover of porn would be so happy to belong to all the time. They are always stating that they select their models with the utmost care and concern. They make sure that each model selection represents that wow factor that they are trying so much to nurture.


They also state that their collection of deep debauched action is capable of covering over 57 niches. That is not a small thing, they also update like so frequently that their galleries are always fresh. If you do not think that they are telling you the truth, you can always check out the satisfied customer reviews that they have placed online. Or you could just sample the material inside the tour page, and come to the conclusion that these guys are very very serious about everything.

There are about over 239 videos inside. One video can play for some 18 minutes. They also have over 240 image galleries. Each is filled with 200 images per set, which multiplies to a whole lot of images. The homepage inside looks welcoming with nothing of particular uncharacteristic note being shown, rather basic layout. This basic layout allows them to organize everything they have rather nicely. That in turn helps when it comes to the navigation process you have to use in order to locate the kind of material you desire. The busy and engaging forum is something worth Noting. The videos that they provide have comments and rating. Members can offer up their feelings about the material which creates a back and forth conversation and lots of interaction.

The links inside the model index are there to help in navigation. The bios of the gals are to the point, concise. Your expectation of 1 update every 2 days is met with extreme enthusiasm by the wowporn discount site, which means that they stick to this schedule leading to multiple updates every week. The categories you will find inside are solo, masturbation, hardcore, lesbian, group sex, babes, fetishes, and other mainstream niches. Some people have counted all the niches and say that these guys have well over 20 niches inside. They have mobile formats that are not the most exciting quality, but also there are the 1080p HD movies that will make you want to smack somebody with excitement at the clarity and quality!

The pictures show you gals, posing shoots, lots of deep carnal sex action. They are nicely done with great lighting. They are high res. There are 10 sites included with membership inside this site. We don’t know if they have increased the number of bonus sites but that is the number when we last visited them. What this means is well over 10 thousand more movies and pics for you to watch. That right there should put the last nail on the coffin and force you to get a membership like super lightning fast! Visit WowPorn today and grab your membership! That is all we need to say about these guys!

Exploited College Girls


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Exploited College Girls is overflowing with teen coed hardcore porn and they want you to become a full time member. The site says that they go searching for sexy amateur gals to be sexed on film just for your enjoyment. Inside the guest tour, you are likely going to see some nice previews. But does this represent accurately the kind of material that these guys have inside their site?


Well, from the tour page, we found out that they have hundreds of gals, various episodes, and they say they keep updating more material. Also, we can tell you that 3 sites are part of the package deal that means bonus site with more material and variety.

You will get picture shoots and video episodes with membership. The episodes are long and that is a good thing. The theme of nasty hot coed sex sessions is also always present which is another good thing. There is a certain variety that the producers work hard to implement inside the site. Some of the things that they accomplish include BJ, anal, and various forms of hardcore fucking. That means the coeds play with toys, or other coed’s pussies, or receive nice cumshots. Sometimes things will devolve into more fetish like action and that means squirting and creampies. This site has enough variety to satisfy a large variety of porn lovers for sure.

The reason why the movies are somewhat long is because the gals usually have a chat/ interview session before sex-things begin. The filming and progression of the movies is handled by experts and therefore comes out very mature and nice. You will find that their collection is huge enough to keep you busy. They have something over 400 episodes inside. You get two options as far as the video gallery is concerned. They give you clips and full movies. Everything you need for playing the movies, (the essentials that is) are provided inside this site. They have a nice flash player for streaming. Part of the extra videos you receive are replays of great cumshots, POV kind of shots, and more than one angle of filming. The models come with basic stats and information. Written summaries are also there.

We talked of the bonus sites you get (net video girls/ back room casting couch). From these sites, you will get more amateur, coed, teen, hardcore niches that look awesome. You will notice lots of filming and stylistic similarities between these sites. Now for some bad things we found inside. First of all some of the videos that are old are not the super great resolution quality that you may be expecting. The filter tools that would be of the most help (like more advanced options) are also not present inside this site. They just offer members basic methods of navigation.

Bottom line is that Exploited College Girls is a great place to find coed hardcore episodes. There is enough variety to keep things fresh, updates coming soon, bonus site included, and more models and coeds waiting to show you a great time.

Hardcore Gangbang


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The thing about parents is that they are usually worried when their children have to be out for a longer time than the usual. You can’t blame them and they always have the right to be worried, because it’s their fucking children lives.


In all actuality, if your parents have always been worried about you whenever you have to be out long for a school project that takes weeks to finish, be more tolerant and understanding because you don’t know where their worries are coming from, and you should just be thankful because they care about you more than anything else. And one of the biggest worries parents could have would be gangbangs, which comes into relation with our site to review today.

You know the thing about gangbangs, they are not always aggressively pursued. Sometimes, they are provoked by women themselves, or girls for that matter. So, parents out there, chill, or you know, try to see where your faults lie. Sometimes, it’s your girls taking on the mess to themselves, not the other way around. But hey, charge to experience, don’t you think? With how awesome Hardcore Gangbang is able to portray the magnificence of these rebelliously driven sensual activities, you won’t regret spending your pennies just to get hooked into the contents of this indubitable marvel! The site has been more active lately with the awards it has been receiving, so expect much more promising videos and other bonuses to come your way.

So, give me your thoughts on what makes a gangbang. You see, some people would have this mistaken over an orgy. Truth of the matter is that BDSM. Yeah, that’s what gangbangs are all about. That’s what makes them what they’re called for. Hardcore Gangbang has 35 videos for you to watch on this note. Each video is good for at least 60 minutes, making the videos full movies in actuality. The girls are hot, the guys are hot. Both genders are good, the girls are good at depicting masochism and submission. The guys are good at portraying bondage and dominance. Sometimes even, it’s the other way around. With the site relatively new into the industry, it makes itself exceptional by being able to produce nothing less than exceptional pornographics.

In addition, you can download the videos, updates come on a monthly basis, but starting this January 15th, there will be weekly updates to come. Expect real, unadulterated and unscripted submissions (submissions for cash and fame) and so on. There’s a lot to look forward to and you’re gonna love gangbangs like you never used to. Or your previous perceptions will be flipped downwards. Our Hardcore Gangbang discount is the shit for you for only $14.16 a month.


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A lot of men would ask so many silly questions. A good example would be when they ask the importance of a big booty or nice tits. Here’s the thing, if you’re a guy who would incessantly ask of these questions, that can only mean two things: You’re gay or you’re a phony son of a bitch. If you’re a girl on the other, it would mean to say you’re a jealous bitch or you’re simply, you know, adherent to the Bible or to the Koran or whatever religious precepts it is you follow.


In the end, it doesn’t matter because these aesthetic features are an edge and there’s no better way to cherish them than through the Brazzers Network.

Let’s cut through the bullshit, you love tits and asses, right? Well, for the most part, we love tits more than ever. The ass just comes second or after. This network entitles you full access to 28 different niche sites that are concentrated with girls with big racks, wonderful curves, juicy asses, beautiful visages and all the wonderful things you could think of a woman. They are women with an angelic reference going by my perverted mentality. Either way, it’s awesome to know that there’s a porn network capable of showing nothing but the finest looking girls across the world. You will also find that they have premium class stars here like Eva Angelina, Gianna, Mischoni Belmora, Bree Olsen, Lovely Michaels, Tucker Starr, Brandy Love and so much more. It’s a powerhouse package for you coming right up with the Brazzers!
So, we live under expectations; what have we for the Brazzers discount then? As mentioned, there are 28 niche sites that you get full access of for a membership registration. Inclusions to that 28 would be Mommy Got Big Boobs, Baby Got Boobs, Super Big Tits at Work and you should have ideas on what else would follow. With all these aggregated in one determining principle of a network, there are over 6,200 videos for you to dreamily play all day and all night. There’s also a mobile version integrated into the main site, which means even if you’re on mobile, you get full access to everything as well.

In addition, the videos are at least 25 minutes each. You can download as many as you can per day, no limits at all. The best part, you only get to pay $9.95 a month with their running promo. Go Brazzers Network now and you won’t regret having started your 2015 with it. Enjoy!